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Since the advent of "Engine Control Unit" or ECU controlled engines, it has been possible to upgrade the performance output of petrol and diesel engined vehicles by reprogramming certain parts of the ECU, usually by changing the fuel-air boost and the ignition timing to give a more efficient and powerful output.
Originally, if you wanted to change the programming of an ECU, you would have to remove the appropriate chip from the circuit board and reprogram (Re-map) it while it is off the ECU.
Since 1999, all European vehicles are equiped with On Board Diagnostic Ports or OBD1 and OBD2 and since the introduction of OBD1 & 2, it has been possible to re-map or re-program via the diagnostic ports without the need to remove chips.

Race 2
The Race 2Chip is programmed specific to your vehicle and after reading and saving the original programming of the vehicle, our Tuners will write a specific map for your vehicle to give maximum performance while retaining your original fuel economy.
Ideal for motor caravans and towing vehicles


Race 1
Race 1 is our entry level performance chip designed to give both more power and more economy.
Race 1 is the ideal program to give more power and torque for your van, taxi or light truck.

Race 3
Race 3 is our Max Power chip and involves Live Mapping your vehicle to your desired performance level and includes before and after rolling road power runs to verify the increased performance and a certificate detailing the BHP and Torque.
Not for the faint hearted!