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Would you like to become a tuner?

we now sell tuning systems from all the major tuning system manufacturers and supply equipment and ongoing training and support as you develop your own business as a professional tuner
We now have a dedicated tuning site
CLICK HERE>>> www.tuningtools.co.uk

What's Involved?
The market for chip and OBD tuning is very young and is increasing day by day.
At present there are not enough professional tuners to meet with the growing demand.
We have put together
two comprehensive, affordable packages to enable you to become a professional tuner on either a full or part time basis and without having to spend years learning ecu programming.

We have taken away the mystery and hard work to enable almost anyone to remap and re chip cars and vans.
We created a user friendly, non technical package of programming and chipping tools
and an easy to follow guide along with training and backup.

We offer the finest and most comprehensive package available in the world today

OBDFlash is more than just an entry level tuning system. OBDFlash is designed for the professional user as well as garages, bodyshops and those who would like to include OBD tuning and remapping within their existing business.
OBDFlash comes complete with all of the tools and equipment to program most modern diesel and petrol engined cars via the OBD port, direct connection to the ECU and BDM connections

This OBDFlash Tuner package includes training and support.

Tuner Plus is the ultimate package which includes the state of the art read and write OBDFlash programming tools as well as diagnostic solutions, chip reading and writing and the widest range of vehicle tuning solutions in the world today!
Optican Plus is for the serious professional who wants to maximise the huge potential available today within the rapidly expanding chip tuning market..
OBDFlash Plus includes everything you need to tune; Cars, Vans, Trucks and Buses: BDM PRO, Power8 Specialist Ford tuning interface, Batronix Chip Programming System, Rework Station, Bench Power and full training and support to help you become a professional tuner.
No other package on the market today comes close to this most outstanding Package!

MapPro includes all of the above as wellas a complete Map writing system which will enable you to write your own mod files.
(Please note that MapPro is only available to exoerienced tuners and is in no way suitable for inexperienced tuners








How do I
tune a vehicle via OBD?

Since the late 1990's, all European and Asian vehicles
have been equiped with an "On Board Diagnostic" port
In simple terms, this is a plug, always found within one metre of the stearing wheel and used to comunicate with the vehicles diagnostic systemand ECU.
Inside the ECU, is a complex set of programming which makes the car run and constantly calculates the fuel, air and boost, known as a "Map" The ECU also carries out many other functions.
By altering the values of the map, we can increase the power and torque of the engine. This is done by pluging your tuning equipment into the OBD and conected to a laptop, it is then a simple process to upload the new values into the ECU.

Do I Need To Know How To Write A Map?
No, you do not need to kow how to modify files or write maps. We will write and send via email all of the modified files ready for you to install into the vehicle.

Can I Chip Vehicles?
As a Tuner Dealer, you will have the tools and knowledge to "CHIP" vehicles which cannot be tuned via the OBD. as well as the tools to "Chip" cars which do not have OBD ports.

Can I Tune Trucks and Vans?
As a OBDFlash Plus tuner, you will have the tools and knowledge to tune Trucks and Buses as well as Vans and Light comercials.

What's the difference between
Chipping and Remapping?
Before the introuction of OBD ports, the way to tune a vehicle was to open the ECU and remove the "CHIP", and replace it with a tuned chip, hence the term, "Chipped".
Since OBD ports have been installed on modern cars, it is possible to write a modified, tuned program known as a "MAP" direct to the ECU. Hence the term Remap.

What are "Tuning File Credits?
Tuning credits are pre paid credits which enable you to obtain modified, tuned files from our datbase, ready to upload into your customers vehicle via the OBD using your OBDFlash tuning system .
Tuned Files are pre set in value so that you know exactly how much each file will cost.
The biggest advantage you will have in becomming part of the largest group of professional tuners in the UK and Europe, is that tuned, MOD files will be the most competativly priced files available anywhere!